allison’s story

behind the quiet clot®

Have you, a family member or friend ever been affected by a blood clot?

I would have said “no” to that question prior to 2018.  This is a glimpse in to my story.

On May 27th, 2018 I was unable to breathe while walking a short distance. I was encouraged to go to Urgent Care where they immediately sent me to the Emergency Room for what they thought was a blood clot in my lung.

After a series of tests, the Doctors discovered a bi-lateral Pulmonary Embolism, a quarter size clot to the right of my heart and a 3” Deep Vein Thrombosis. They think the clots in my lungs had been there for 3 months and the one in my calf for a couple of years.

Years of taking the birth control pill coupled with weekly air travel created the perfect storm for these blood clots to develop.  During my four days in ICU, I was told the cardiovascular strength gained from indoor cycling and running in the years prior SAVED MY LIFE.

I felt pretty good physically after being released from the ICU, however the mental and emotional struggle lasted a few years.  After sharing my story and hearing countless others, I quickly realized blood clots are common, rarely talked about, difficult to diagnose and do not discriminate.

This along with my personal experience and drive to spread awareness was my call to action to create The Quiet Clot®.

Together we can make a difference.

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